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Application development at directSolvers is built around functionality and user-friendliness. We deliver beyond our clients’ specifications, to produce outputs that are even better. Our experienced, enthusiastic, and skilled team guarantee you of a contemporary web/ mobile app.


Protect your system from attacks. We ensure full protection of your system by strengthening all facets of computer or cyber security. Safeguard both your hardware and information systems.

We provide solutions to back up data, such as cloud storage amongst others. This is a form of disaster recovery, and should be practiced.  Retrieving or restoring data that has not been backed up can be very difficult, if not impossible. At directSolvers, we do well to help you recover data in both conditions. Do not wait until your data is deleted or corrupted. Get a full system backup now.


For startups, we have everything you need to establish your online presence. If you are an existing business who wants to expand or venture online, we serve you by helping your acquire the best of web hosting packages to suit your business and other essential services.


We do well to leave a vivid image of what you stand for, on the minds of your consumers. Our graphic designing team, full of creativity, deliver exquisite brand designs that the consumer is easily attracted to and can easily relate to as well. We have served a lot of top companies and businesses in the country regarding logo branding.

Direct Solver Technologies take delight in putting out your business right in the face of the consumer. We have created avenues that make it easy to communicate a business’ brand to the potential customer. Our enthusiastic team are dedicated to executing the art of marketing, covering all forms of it. The end result has always been positive; getting a lot more consumers and retaining them all.


We cater for the creation and management of content (all forms) both online and offline.